We, for a while, thought it would be cool to come up with some radical titles for our team members.

Then, we realized that you don’t really care about radical titles. You want to know who we are, who we really are. Working together requires trust and intimacy. It’s not a time to get clever so here’s the straight goods about our little team of Makers*.

Michelle Luk

Michelle Luk

Creative Director

Michelle’s approach begins with curiosity and is rooted in the belief that ideas are the core of visual language. For her, every project is a collaborative journey with clients and teams. The process and design principles are always the same, yet the creative solution is always unique. She will take a keen interest in your business to ignite conscious and passionate solutions that will fuel your brand.

In her 18 years as a designer, creative director and art director she’s worked with hundreds of brands for businesses ranging from local and independent to global multinationals.

She’s won multiple awards, most recently Silver Pentawards, Creativity International Award and several PAC Awards.

Beyond that, she is frighteningly intuitive!

George Dedopoulos

George Dedopoulos

Digital Director

George Dedopoulos, known for his strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression, has successfully led brand design and marketing engagements for a variety of clients. His experience encompasses a variety of industries—including the print industry, sport and fitness, retail, and professional services.

Committed to elegant solutions and powerfully simple communications, his areas of expertise are in clean, responsive design solutions, integration of new technologies, print design, digital media strategy, site architecture, and site marketing.

Don Kerr

Don Kerr

Copywriter/Brand Strategist

A brand creation, development and marketing communications consultant,Don brings 40+ (!) years of relevant experience to creating powerful connections between clients and their customers. His work is founded upon establishing a compelling emotional connection between the brand and its stakeholders revolving around the three principles of effective brand expression: Clarity. Simplicity. Wit.

He’s worked with the biggest retailer in the world and with a startlingly great little one-man special effects firm. He’s managed one of the top 10 global design agencies and operated his own business for 15 years. He’s worked for every one of the top five banks in Canada and he never wants to do that again!

Most notably, he’s the father of two stunning boys aged 8 and 10. That’s how he keeps a fresh outlook and stays in tune with what’s really happening in every day life.

George Karpinsky

George Karpinsky

Production Manager

George brings to our clients a great depth and breadth of experience including graphic arts, commercial photography, art direction (he worked on Sobey’s entry into the Ontario market), and print production.

His suite of capabilities includes package production, retouching, press approval experience, and regulatory knowledge. Clients benefiting from this expertise include the most significant multinational companies to independent entrepreneurs in Canada and the USA.

Working closely with these inspired individuals, George has been able to offer additional resources to bring their visions to print. Photographers, designers and printers form a trusted, well-established network of professionals available for recommendation.

He’s also scary smart about how to simply get things done when it seems impossible to get things done.